Guest Policy

As a homeowner in Anthem Highlands/Reserve, you have the opportunity to bring up to 5 guests to the Parkside Community Center per day. The resident must be present with guests at all times while at the PCC.

The first guest is free, and as of January 1, 2024, the remaining 4 guests are $10 per person.
Guests must complete a Guest Waiver to use the Parkside Community Center and its offerings (pool, fitness center, gymnasium, etc.). 
A completed Guest Waiver must be provided by the owner of the home and the guest using the facility. If the child is under 18 years, a parent/guardian signature is required.
The guest must have a completed guest waiver per the homeowner they are visiting PCC with. One guest can have multiple waivers on file if they have visited the PCC with numerous community homeowners.
Click here to access our guest waiver.