Gymnasium Schedule

2024 Gym Schedule

Embracing change often brings about curiosity, and with new things, there are always some adjustments and fine-tuning to be done. We're delighted to address some of the questions we've received about the exciting new gym schedule and provide some clarity. Furthermore, we're eager to let you know that we'll soon be launching a survey during this period to gather more of your valuable feedback. Your input is incredibly important to us!

 Frequently Asked Questions - New PCC Gym Schedule

 Q: Can children participate in the gym activities?

A: Absolutely! The PCC gym schedule welcomes residents of all ages. Get ready for some family fun!

Q: How does the rotating schedule on Mondays work?

A: It's simple! Each activity gets its turn, rotating alphabetically every month. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1st Monday: Badminton
  • 2nd Monday: Basketball
  • 3rd Monday: Pickleball
  • 4th Monday: Volleyball
  • 5th Monday (if applicable): Open Gym


Q: Will Pickleball and Badminton lines be added to the gym floor?

A: We're actively exploring this due to the enthusiastic response from the community regarding Pickleball. Stay tuned for updates!

Q: What if only half the gym is being used for the scheduled activity, can I play basketball on the other half?

A: Yes, as this is a new schedule we will have flexibility over full-court usage, however, if people come in to play the scheduled activity on the half being occupied for basketball we will be prioritizing the scheduled activity for the space. 


Q: Can I make reservations, and what if someone is already playing when I arrive?

A: Reservations are not needed. It's first-come, first-served. Don't hesitate to ask a fellow neighbor if you can join an ongoing game. We're all about fostering community spirit! Should the attendance increase to a level that a reservation system is warranted it will be considered.


Q: Will both sides of the gym be used for each activity?

A: Yes, except for volleyball. Currently, we have one volleyball net. We'll set it up on one side, leaving the other side free for various activities. If volleyball demand grows, we'll consider adding a second net.


Q: Will equipment be provided for residents to use?

A: While we recommend bringing your gear, we've got you covered! We offer basketballs, volleyballs, badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, pickleball paddles, and indoor-use pickleballs for checkout at the front desk. Please use our indoor pickleballs to protect the gym.


We're excited about these changes and are here to make your PCC gym experience top-notch. If you have more questions or ideas, feel free to reach out.