Community Map


Lakes & Ponds:

Accessible Bodies of Water

  • Directly west of the Parkside Community Center
  • Directly north of the Parkside Community Center
  • At the northeast corner of 160th and Lowell Boulevard
  • Sienna Lake at the northeast corner of Sheridan and Lowell Boulevard
  • Behind the Buffalo Creek Medical Center along Highway 7

Private / Off-Limits Bodies of Water

  • The lakes at the southwest corner and southeast corner of Anthem Ranch Road and Aspen Lodge Way
  • The lake behind Aspen Lodge

Rules & Licensing

  • Youth under the age of 16 are not required to have a fishing license
  • The Division offers resident seniors, age 65 and older, an annual Colorado fishing license for $1
  • Fishing licenses can be purchased at any license agent or Division of Wildlife office
  • Fishing at all of the Anthem Highlands accessible lakes are "catch and release" only