3/15/2019 - Mandarin Fun Club
Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Web Site: http://myahca.com/item_list.asp?subcat=228&subtitle=Mandarin+Fun+Group
Location: Lounge or MP Rooms
The Mandarin Fun Club is for Anthem residents who are interested in Mandarin. Anyone of any age is welcome! We'll play games and read books in Mandarin. We can even help you find a name in Chinese! The Mandarin Fun Club will meet once a month or more frequently, depending on members' involvement and willingness.
Fun activities may include: Tea tasting, book reading, singing, Mahjong (or Majiang), taste of authentic Chinese restaurants, mid-autumn festival BBQ, and much more!

To learn more about the Mandarin Fun Club feel free to reach out to the following:
Chair: Lesley Yang, [email protected]
Co-Chair: SuLynn Chong, [email protected]
Secretary: MingZhu Hu, [email protected]

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